The Price of Low Emotional Intelligence

Low EQ is expensive in regards to lost cash, opportunity, time, relationships, promos, professions, tasks, goals, achievements, self-esteem, marriages, physical and emotional health, and even life.

The bright side is that there is no need to have low EQ. EQ can be found out and improved over a lifetime and you can start right now, no matter how old you are.


These are a few of the results of low EQ.

  • 75 % of professions are derailed for factors associated with emotional proficiencies.
  • 70% of the factors why clients and customers are lost are EQ-related.
  • 50% of time lost in business is due to theabsence of trust.
  • Seniors get even worse in hospitals when the physical therapists don’t engage with them.
  • Counselling clients cannot alter because their counselors do not have compassion or optimism.
  • 50% of marriages stop working

. Over 2/3rds of second and 3rd marriages stop working.

  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death for youths aged 15-24 in the US.
  • Impulsive boys are 3 to 6 times as likely to be violent teenagers.
  • Low levels of empathy predict poor school performance.
  • Gifted children have fantastic trouble reading social hints which leads to sad and separated childhoods.
  • Doctors with bad EQ abilities get sued more.
  • 75-90% of checkouts to main care doctors in the US are due to stress-related problems.

Concentrated young man with his head melting in tangled lines

  • Pessimists live much shorter, unhealthier, unhappier lives, and are less likely to achieve their potential than optimists.
  • College students in a research study with the same IQ and GPA who did not jot down their profession goals with intentionality were 50% less effective 15 years later.

Emotional Intelligence includes a set of life abilities you can discover that will assist you to handle your emotions better.


People who start establishing their EQ notice enhancements in their lives right away (and have greater compassion for themselves and others) in regards to relationships, task and social life. They also experience an excellent sense of relief, because it provides the “missing piece”. As one customer said, “Now I understand what’s going on. The rest is simple.”